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Are you spending hours on mailings? Are your print costs spiralling out of control? When did you last evaluate the ROI on your franking machine? Are you wasting valuable time stuffing envelopes? You don’t need to be! Marketing mail, subscription renewals, customer communications; whatever the correspondence, you can save time, money and resources with Digi-Mail. Simply sign up to a business account on a subscription level to suit your needs.

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The Digi-Mail way

From desktop to door in six easy steps


Sign in to your secure Digi-Mail platform


Select your document


Upload your file


Choose a delivery method


We print, package and dispatch your file


We deliver your mail on the date you choose

Making your life easier and saving you money

Say farewell to your franking machine

No more queuing at the post office

Digi-Mail is an advanced online delivery solution that allows you to upload, print and post your mail, without leaving your desk! Using your existing desktop applications and creating your document in the normal way, you are in control of brand consistency. A flexible, secure and cost-effective solution for every piece of mail you send.


Savings we can offer

Benefits To Your Business

Replace your outgoing post with Digi-Mail

50% savings

on postage costs

including stationery purchase, printing, enveloping, franking and posting

10% increase

in renewal rates

as seen by one of our clients who migrated over to the Digi-Mail service

30 seconds

to send a letter

as reported by our customers who regularly use our Digi-Mail solution

Our team

Real customer support

Digi-Mail may be simple to use, but that doesn’t mean our customers never have any questions about the service. We pride ourselves on delivering the industry’s very best customer support, so we are always available to answer questions or talk about the benefits of Digi-Mail.

See how one of our clients made the switch

Saving money and resources

See how one of our clients made the switch

“The switch to Digi-Mail has played a large part in the continued improvement in The Cricketer’s subscription function. Not only is the standalone process quicker, cheaper and more effective, it has also freed up time for my staff. The usability of the service is excellent, and if any questions are in need of answering, the support team at Digi-Mail is very friendly and responsive. We achieved our best-ever Christmas campaign in terms of subscription acquisitions, and the groundwork which we have carried out with Digi-Mail means we have the best possible opportunity to retain a greater number of these subscribers.”

Citipost Mail  |  The Cricketer Magazine

Finance and Subscriptions Manager

The Cricketer Case Study

Embracing the future of mail

Simple web-based interface

Technology at your fingertips

It takes less than 30 seconds to send out a Digi-Mail. We’ve invested in the latest technology to provide the fastest, simplest service that you can securely access from any PC or mobile device. Send mail when and how you want to the UK or internationally with no up-front software costs or licence fees.

Fast and efficient mailing

Mail that's slick with just one click

Just drag and drop!

Digi-Mail is quick and easy to use, with intelligent security and global delivery options. Send mail, when and how you want, review your mail before submitting and track through to dispatch. Choose a subscription level to suit your needs and be sending mail in minutes.


Safe and efficient digital mailing

Smart mail management has never been this easy

Need a business account?

If you send large quantities of mail, Digi-Mail business account is the online software solution for you. No need for tricky integrations, deployment is seamless, staff adoption is straightforward, training is minimal, and productivity is increased. You’ll see instant financial savings on postage, printing costs and time-wasting enveloping. Click on the button below to get started.


Easy to Use

The four-step process

Follow this video to see how easy it is to generate physical mail from your computer. We will take care of the printing, enveloping, and posting. You can send an item to a single address or multiple addresses from your home office.


Designing a postcard

Follow this step-by-step video to see how to design a postcard for Digi-Mail.


Adding addresses manually to a postcard list

This easy to follow video will show you how to manually add addresses to your postcard list.


Uploading a postcard mailing list

Follow this video guide to learn how to upload a postcard mailing list.

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