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Citipost Mail has a long association with publishing and is aligned with the Professional Publisher’s Association (PPA). We understand the industry challenges; cost increases of nearly 10% year-on-year, decreasing revenues and subscriptions, and GDPR

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Whatever smart mail solutions you use to make significant cost reductions, time savings, or boost revenue and earn postage credits into the bargain, our dedicated team is here to provide all the support you need.

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Through the implementation of Digi-Mail, customers can reduce costs for production and mail by almost 50%, the renewal process from 2-3 days to mere minutes, allowing them to facilitate better use of staff resources.

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Citipost Mail presented a solution to The Cricketer magazine’s subscription renewal challenges in the form of Digi-Mail. Traditionally four labour intensive and time-consuming subscription renewal letters were sent to subscribers at key intervals. Now it takes a matter of minutes and subscription renewal rates have increased by 10%!

“The switch to Digi-Mail has played a large part in the continued improvement in The Cricketer’s subscription function. Not only is the standalone process quicker, cheaper and more effective, it has also freed up time for my staff. The usability of the service is excellent, and if any questions are in need of answering, the support team at Digi-Mail is very friendly and responsive. We achieved our best-ever Christmas campaign in terms of subscription acquisitions, and the groundwork which we have carried out with Digi-Mail means we have the best possible opportunity to retain a greater number of these subscribers.”

Citipost Mail  |  The Cricketer Magazine

Finance and Subscriptions Manager

The Cricketer Case Study

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We’re proud of our customer focused team. Our investment in people means we deliver added value for you in a variety of areas; best in class services, access to incentives, new innovations and cost savings.

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