At Citipost Mail it is our policy to protect and promote, so far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety, and welfare of all its employees, visitors and others who may be affected by its activities in accordance with the legal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This policy has been developed proportional to and considering the nature and type of our business undertakings, company size and geographical area in which we provide our services.


Citipost Mail’s policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment, and systems of work for all our staff and to provide information, training, and supervision as it is needed for this purpose. We are committed to continuous reviews and improvements considering new legislation and changes within our work practices.


We recognise our duty, so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • To meet our legal obligations to maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
  • To provide adequate control of the health and safety risks identified.
  • To consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety.
  • To provide and maintain safe equipment.
  • To ensure the safe handling and use of substances.
  • To provide information, instruction and training where necessary for our workforce.
  • To ensure that all our employees are competent to carry out their work duties, and to give them appropriate training.
  • To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health.
  • To actively manage and supervise health and safety at work.
  • To have access to competent advice.
  • To seek continuous improvement in our health and safety performance and management through regular (at least annual) review and revision of this policy.
  • To provide the resource required to make this policy and our Health and Safety arrangements effective.


We also recognise:

  • Our duty to co-operate and work with other employers when we work at premises or sites under their control to ensure the continued health and safety of all those at work.
  • Our duty to co-operate and work with other employers and their employee’s, when they come onto our premises or sites to do work for us, to ensure the health and safety of everyone at work.


To help us achieve our objectives, employees are encouraged to make a positive contribution to health and safety matters, we will consult and actively involve staff on policy matters, practices, and procedures. Under health and safety legislation whilst at work, employees are informed of their duty to take reasonable care for themselves and for others who might be affected by their activities. This is achieved by explaining their duty and setting out our company health and safety rules in an Employee Safety Handbook which is made available to every member of staff employed by us.


All relevant health and safety information will be communicated to Citipost Mail’s employees using appropriate methods. Employees are required to read and understand this policy and necessary amendments which may be made. This policy is reviewed annually.