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Top Tips for Optimsing Your SMS Marketing

With an impressive 98% open rate, SMS marketing holds significant potential for boosting sales and engagement, and presents a fantastic opportunity to swiftly communicate your latest products, offers, or news to your customers.

Here are our top tips for obtaining and retaining high opt-in rates for your SMS campaigns, and yielding a positive ROI through SMS marketing:

  1. 1. Establish Clear Goals for Your SMS Campaigns

Before launching your SMS campaign, it is crucial to establish clear goals that will serve as the basis for measuring success and calculating ROI. These goals can be divided into four distinct areas:

  • Increased Profits: Are you looking to track the number of downloads, sales, and/or profit per promotion?
  • New Customer Acquisition: Are you measuring the amount of leads generated, conversions per lead, and/or cost per lead?
  • Brand Awareness and Loyalty: Are you looking to monitor new subscribers, page visits, and data collection?
  • Data Quality: Do you want to track response numbers, data quality, and opt-outs?

Revisit these objectives periodically throughout your campaign to assess its progress and make necessary adjustments to ensure your campaign is on track to yield a positive ROI.

  1. 2. Increase Your Marketing Data Base – Offer An Incentive For Opting-In

Every company wants a marketing database full of potentially interested people! You can of course buy data to support your SMS campaigns, or you can collect it by advertising ‘opt-in’ to interested parties.

Provide a compelling reason for people to subscribe to your SMS marketing. Incentives like gift cards, exclusive promo codes, or additional loyalty points can significantly increase opt-ins, increasing your marketing pool for ‘free’.

  1. 3. Increase Your Marketing Data Base – Be Clear With Your Audience: Why Should They Opt-In?

Consumers view their phone numbers as more personal than email addresses. They will only share them if they see clear benefits and trust the brand in question. Clearly communicate the advantages of subscribing to your SMS messages. Explain to your audience what they can expect.

How often will they hear from you? What kind of content will they receive? Will there be exclusive offers and discounts?

  1. 4. Increase Your Marketing Data Base – Create Exclusivity Through SMS Opt-In

Offer unique benefits to your SMS subscribers, such as:

– Early access to sales and product launches   – SMS-only discounts

– Exclusive content (e.g., behind-the-scenes, celebrity interviews)  – Complimentary gifts and samples

– Special treatment at events

  1. 5. Increase Your Marketing Data Base – Simplify the Opt-In Process

Ensure your opt-in process is straightforward and user-friendly. Avoid lengthy or confusing procedures for opting into your marketing by collecting only essential information through a simple one-page form submission.

  1. 6. Too Much or Too Little? – Send Your SMS Marketing at the Right Frequency

Balance the frequency of your messages. Too many pieces of SMS marketing can annoy subscribers, while too few can lead to them forgetting about you. Start with 1-2 messages per month and adjust based on subscriber feedback and behaviour.

  1. 7. Don’t Forget About the Post-Purchase Experience

Capitalise on the high engagement of order confirmation messages by including an SMS opt-in opportunity with the confirmation message. Target in-person shoppers by adding QR codes at the point of sale to allow them to easily subscribe to your marketing too – these are an already interested audience so capitalise on this by providing easy ways for them to opt in at every touch point.

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