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Case Studies

What our clients are saying about us...


'We needed to reduce the cost of our mailings, and our account manager at Citipost Mail introduced us to CBC. He talked us through the benefits and how we could ensure that our pieces would be suitable for the process. Our account manager was constantly available to answer any question that we had, so in the end it was an easy and smooth transfer to the new process.'

Nicolle Kane, Watco, Direct Marketing Executive


We started working with John Eastwood Hospice in 2015, and at Citipost Mail we are proud to be working with such an inspiring charity. John Eastwood Hospice are focused on delivering a high level of care to those who need it at critical times, both in the hospice and the local community. By working with Citipost Mail, John Eastwood Hospice can ensure that their mailings are managed efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

The challenge

Analysing Watco's mail portfolio and spend in order to optimise their mail tariffs and discounts, with the key goal being to reduce their overall postal cost.

The strategy

Previously Watco had always used 'high sort' mailing tariffs when sending direct mail campaigns. By working in conjunction with Watco's mailing partner Orbital Mailing, we were able to migrate Watco's mail to a CBC tariff when they joined our client base; saving them over £12,000 per year.

We worked in partnership with Orbital Mailing to advise on the redesign of Watco's mail pieces, ensuring that they met Royal Mail's CBC criteria. This process included an audit to improve the quality of Watco's customer data. This has not only helped Watco reach CBC compliance, but has also impacted on their business by helping them better target their mailings. Watco have therefore not only benefited from CBC discounts, but they have more accurate data too, meaning their mailings will see better results.

Watco is a fantastic client to work with and we also have a great working relationship with Orbital Mailing. We are delighted to be Watco's postal partner, and we endeavour to make sure that their bulk mail is always optimised and they receive the highest level of service every day. Post is our passion, and we are delighted when we can deliver savings for our customers.