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How our expert knowledge of the mail industry enables The Tate Gallery to save a significant margin on their postage costs, year on year.

The Tate Gallery, a prominent art institution in the UK, encompasses four major galleries: Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool, and Tate St Ives. Renowned for its extensive collection of British and international contemporary art, Tate offers a dynamic array of exhibitions and educational programs. To keep art enthusiasts engaged and informed, Tate also publishes a quarterly magazine, providing over 140,000 UK and International subscribers with insightful articles, exclusive interviews, and previews of upcoming exhibitions. This publication serves as a valuable resource for art lovers to stay connected with the vibrant world of contemporary art showcased at Tate.


We have worked alongside the Tate Gallery for three years after winning the management of their mail downstream access through public tender. Our knowledge of the mail industry ensured that we could secure The Tate Gallery the best pricing on their UK and Global mailings by optimising relevant incentives and advising them on their mail packs to fit Royal Mail specifications.

Our Approach:  

We initially conducted advisory work with The Tate Gallery Marketing team to explore ways in which we could maximise their return on investment by optimising their mail packs and delivery methods. Our expert knowledge meant that we could recommend that they present their marketing mail runs in trays to optimise an initial, significant cost reduction.

After having Royal Mail reversion charges incorrectly applied to their advertising mail, our client services team supported The Tate Gallery in the application to reverse the chargers. Again, our knowledge of Royal Mail guidelines and the industry ensured we won the reversion charges back and that all their future mailings were then approved by Royal Mail as ‘advertising mail’, meaning a lower cost for their postage and in turn, a higher return on investment.

We also applied for the Royal Mail Publishing Volume Commitment incentive for The Tate Gallery. This successful application saved our client over £6,000 on their marketing mail.

The Outcome:

As a result, The Tate Gallery now send over 140,000 copies of their marketing publication in the UK quarterly with us, also sending 7,000 copies overseas with our Global service. We save The Tate Gallery significant savings annually on their marketing mail, which they can reinvest in further marketing activity to grow their brand awareness and subscription services.

What Our Customer Says:

”Citipost’s insights and recommendations led to substantial cost reductions at the beginning of our partnership, and they have continued to seek out further savings and fight for lower charges on our behalf. We look forward to continued collaboration with Citipost over the coming years.”

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