There’s No Place Like Home. Why Marketers are turning to Mail as a Way to Kick-Start their Business.

The impact of mail

In an omni-channel world, mail will continue to have a positive impact and potentially fantastic ROI when used in the right way and at the right time.

As we see the slow lifting of restrictions in the UK and many businesses starting to trade again after lockdown, there is a strong argument that the ‘right time’ may well be now. Unlike any time in our working lives, mail is getting people’s attention. Some businesses have realised this already, understanding that we currently have the highest number of people at home we have ever known. These people have been bombarded with digital marketing messages across numerous social media platforms, and the receipt of physical mail that you can touch and feel has become somewhat of a welcome distraction.

Direct mail can seem more costly than digital communications but it will often be more profitable in the long term, and is without many of the reputable risks associated with digital media. A recently launched COVID incentive released by Royal Mail designed to help businesses get back to work has already been extended due to demand, so it seems that many are turning to the reliability of mail to kickstart their businesses again.

A recent study shows that 86% of people like keeping catalogues so they can refer to them in the future, and 41% of people have searched online to find out more about a company after receiving mail in the previous 12 months. With such positive news, there really is no wonder why so many are turning to mail as the cornerstone of their marketing strategies.