Industry News – The Extension of Two Key Incentives

Royal Mail has confirmed that they will be extending the time period in which two of their time sensitive incentives are available. Under the banner of the Testing and Innovation Incentive (TIS) both the Acquisition Incentive and Magazine Subscription Incentive will now be available beyond their original expiry dates.

Acquisition Incentive

Who is this for? Through this incentive, customers can use the TIS to support new direct mail activity for the purpose of customer acquisition.

How do you qualify:

  • To qualify, test mail campaigns must include a minimum of 4,000 Advertising Mail items and a maximum of 500,000 items over the incentive period.

Time Period: The last posting date for this incentive has been extended to the 28th March 2025. Applications must be submitted by the 14th March 2025.

How much could you earn back on your marketing mail?

Postage credits of up to 20%.

This TIS incentive provides postage credits at 20%* for the first 250,000 incremental items; and 10%* for the next 250,000 incremental items, for eligible Advertising Mail Economy Letters

Magazine Subscription Incentive

Through this incentive, customers can use the TIS to support incremental direct mail volume from publishers to promote subscriptions while earning up to 30%* in postage credits.

Who is this for? This incentive is perfect for publishers looking to promote their magazine subscriptions.

Time Period: The incentive will now run to the 28th December 2024 enabling publishers to promote magazine subscriptions during the Christmas period and capitalise on the gift-giving spirit at that time of year. The last date for applications is now the 13th December 2024.

How do you qualify:

  • Test addressed Letters or Large Letter formats of at least 4000 minimum Advertising Mail items (maximum 1 million items) over the incentive period.

How much could you earn back on your marketing mail? Postage credits of up to 30%.

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Our experts at Citipost Mail would love to help you understand these incentives further and take the stress out of applying for your Royal Mail Incentive. Get in touch with our team today to make significant savings on your business mail!

* Postage credits are awarded as a retrospective discount off the access price only, to be used on future mailing campaigns. Credits must be used within 12 months.