Save Money on Your Advertising Mail – The First Time User Incentive

With Royal Mail notifying clients that the price of mail is increasing from early summer 2024, we are working harder than ever with our clients to ensure that they are cashing in by using Royal Mail incentives.

Our incentives blog series explains, in simple terms, who is eligible for each incentive and explores what you could be saving on your future marketing mail. Best of all, if you mail with us, we will do that hard work for you, supporting you with your application and keeping you updated on the progress throughout.

The blog below will walk you through the First Time User Incentive, which is perfect for companies starting, or restarting, sending mail marketing.

The First Time User Incentive – Earn a postage credit of up to 20% to spend on your future campaigns.

97% of mail is engaged with, so what better way to reach your audience while saving money on your postage retrospectively than using the first-time user incentive.

Who is this for? For customers who have never used direct mail, or for those who have not used direct mail in the last 24 months.

How do you qualify:

  • Send a minimum of 4,000 mail campaign items or a minimum of 10,000 items for Partially Addressed Mail.
  • Post up to 1m items.

Time Period: 12 Months.

How much could you earn back on your marketing mail?

Postage credits of up to 20%.

For example, if you were to send 4,000 catalogues, through the catalogue mail service, you would receive up to 20% back (off the access price*) as postal credits to use on future mail campaigns.

Format Products Available Weight Range Postage Discount
Letter Economy Advertising Mail 70 Mailmark 0-100g 20%
Letter Catalogue Mail 0-150g 20%
Letter Partially Addressed 70 Mailmark 0-100g 7%
Large Letter Advertising Mail 70 Mailmark 0-100g 10%
Large Letter Catalogue Mail 0-100g 10%
Large Letter Advertising Mail 70 Mailmark 101-750g 20%

Postage credit rates are subject to Royal Mail’s discretion and approval. Postage credits will be awarded as discounts to the access rate* only and available as a retrospective credit to use against future mail campaigns.

*The access rate is the charge Royal Mail apply to every piece of mail entering their network, and this varies by weight and service.

Current rates apply until: 31st December 2024

Our experts at Citipost Mail would love to help you understand these incentives further and take the stress out of applying for your Royal Mail Incentive. Get in touch with our team today to make significant savings on your advertising mail!