Further process changes to protect your discounts!

As part of Royal Mail’s changes to the seed process for Advertising Mail, and to ensure you maintain your discounts, getting the best value for money from the service, it is now necessary to send more seeds for each campaign.

Just for clarification, a seed is a sample letter from an advertising/responsible mail campaign sent to Royal Mail to verify its eligibility for discounted mailing costs, and they aren’t required to be added to the data if the mailing is going on an unsorted service.

Royal Mail has advised it now requires two seeds for each campaign, a National and a Zonal seed, instead of just one. Whilst the sorting process may result in both seeds being in the same batch of mail, it is still necessary to comply, or you will be at risk of losing your discounts. To monitor the service and as part of our client support provision, we also require two seeds to be sent to Citipost Mail. In the unlikely event of the Royal Mail seeds failing to reach their destination, we can then supply evidence of compliance that will protect your discounts and continue to save you money.

Some of our clients like to print the bag ID on their mail and this practice remains acceptable alongside the above. This also helps us to match your mailings up to each campaign.

If you are sending your campaign out by the Mailmark service the same process is followed, however, the UCID is to be replaced by the SCID.

At Citipost Mail we are always looking for ways to simplify processes for our clients as well as maintaining excellent value for money services. We believe that these changes will benefit you now and in the future. If you have any comments or queries, get in touch with your account manager and they will be more than happy to talk you through the process and provide any support you need.