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Courthouse Clinics: Digi-Mail is so fast and reliable

Courthouse Clinics

Operating a leading doctor-led cosmetic treatment clinic group which stays ahead of its competitors through excellent customer service and treatment research requires a robust, secure and cost-effective system for communicating with clients. Find out how Digi-Mail has transformed the process for Courthouse Clinics.      

How Digi-Mail helped to transform the direct mail process for Courthouse Clinics

About the Client

Courthouse Clinics is a Nationwide chain of aesthetic clinics, offering a range of anti-ageing aesthetic and wellbeing treatments. With eleven locations across the UK, in Birmingham, Brentwood, Esher, Haywards Heath, Hereford, London, Maidenhead, Sheffield, Southampton, Watford and Wilmslow, Courthouse Clinics has a large customer base to which it sends bespoke communications.

The Problem and Solution

The nature and volume of tailored communications sent to the large database of customers makes it ineffective to carry out the task in-house.  As a high-quality customer service orientated company, all Courthouse Clinics’ client letters are personalised and produced in small, manageable batches. Originally, a member of staff ran the small mailshots and franked them manually. As the company grew it had to hire temporary staff to manage the process of printing and mailing customer communications, which was costly in time, postage and printing. Digi-Mail is the perfect solution for Courthouse Clinics.

 The Implementation

Courthouse Clinics switched to Digi-Mail immediately after the account was set up and they had sent their first mailing, they were so impressed. One member of staff co-ordinates and manages mail requests, which has facilitated the redeployment of several temporary staff, so they have seen immediate savings.

The Outcome and Benefits

Switching to Digi-mail sped up the mailshot process significantly whilst reducing the cost in both monetary terms and resources. There is no longer a need to order and purchase associated stationery, which saves time and money, and staff resources can be redeployed from the manual tasks of envelope stuffing, franking and preparing for posting. It also enabled Courthouse Clinics to execute very small print runs and communication activities, which they wouldn’t have considered before due to the drain on resources. Staff now have more time to concentrate on providing higher quality communications to customers, eradicating the need for any manual intervention within the process.

What the customer says

‘The main thing I was personally impressed with the Digi-Mail solution was how user-friendly the online interface is. It is the first time I’d reached out to the product manager to congratulate her on a job well done’.


‘It’s so fast and reliable we probably do ten times as many customer communication mail outs now’.


‘It’s been a massive stress buster for me. I’ve always hated the organising and management of the mail runs prior to using Digi-Mail. Now it’s as simple as ‘drag and drop’.

 – Ed Bennett, Marketing Manager at Courthouse Clinics

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