Why Direct Mail should be your key Marketing Channel in these unprecedented times.

Physical Mail can be a welcome distraction for all those at home

Direct Mail is remarkably resilient. It is a proven and trusted medium which can rival any other channel in normal economic conditions. However, it is during these abnormal times that we are all currently facing where Direct Mail really comes into its own.

Targeted tactile messaging such as booklets and brochures have a huge advantage right now. At this very moment when the majority of the world are practising Social Distancing and isolating themselves, physical mail is a welcome distraction, particularly where companies are offering products or services that can be utilised in the home. Furthermore, it is a great time to share ideas for when the current pandemic has concluded, as most people are already looking forward to restarting their outdoor hobbies or even starting new ones once they are set free again.

It is short-sighted for companies to assume passive loyalty during this period of down-time. Most companies will be moving to digital marketing channels for brand reinforcement, but since delivery networks are expected to continue providing key delivery services to the nation, Direct Mail may well be the jewel in the omnichannel marketing crown.

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