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The Art of Leading and Delivering Expert Customer Care – Jessica Wallace, Thought Leadership

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In the modern business landscape, customer service is not just a department, it is a philosophy that permeates every aspect of a business. Leading expert customer service care can make or break your success.

Outstanding customer care goes beyond simply resolving queries or answering enquiries. It is about working pro-actively, exceeding expectations and building genuine connections with customers. In today’s competitive market it is what sets you apart from the competition and keeps your customers loyal.

As a leader in customer care, I am aware of the crucial role that I play in shaping the culture of the business. There are key principals and actions that I ensure are always in place as I believe these are the fundamentals to success:

  • Always championing a customer-centric mindset throughout the business, from the board to the team on the frontline.
  • Ensuring clear expectations and standards are set, which everyone strives to achieve and are proud of.
  • Ensuring the necessary resource and training is readily available to any member of the organisation who requires it.
  • Forever leading by example in demonstrating empathy, responsiveness, and accountability.

Expert customer care is a journey, not a destination. It is about ongoing evaluation, adaptation, and improvement. Interacting with customers to obtain valuable insights into both areas where the business excels and where there is room for growth ensures that we are forever growing and improving. The voice of the team on driving improvement is also equally as important. They are on the frontline and also have valuable ideas to improve processes and in turn the overall customer experience.

By nurturing a customer-centric culture, prioritising customer satisfaction, empowering frontline teams and committing to continuous improvement, businesses can set themselves apart in todays’ competitive market. Leading and delivering expert customer care is not just about resolving issues, it is about building relationships and consistently delivering a great experience that keeps customers coming back. Always remember, best in class customer care is not just a goal, but a mindset!


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