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Show your ROI some love this year: the undeniable statistics that prove the power of direct mail

Direct mail marketing has stood the test of time as a much loved and favoured strategy in the marketing landscape, consistently proving its effectiveness in driving online traffic and purchase actions. Consumers in the 21st century continue to love receiving direct mail and it is proven way ensure target audiences are falling in love with products marketed through DM.

The power of direct mail: the statistics. 

  • 52% of campaigns with mail in the marketing mix report an increase in ROI (Marketreach, 2023).
  • Direct mail has an astounding 95% engagement rate (Marketreach, 2023), whereas a significant 57% of consumers are currently unsubscribing from emails.
  • Most consumers come back to the marketing mail they receive between 3 and 5 times, with 39% of direct mail resulting in commercial actions (Marketreach 2023) – this figure is on an upwards trajectory in 2023, highlighting that love is still definitely in the air for direct mail.
  • 45% of consumers says that they are more likely to notice a catalogue than a marketing email.


Why is direct mail having such a positive impact on ROI?

Simply, direct mail has an unparalleled ability to target specific demographics. By strategically tailoring campaigns to reach particular postcodes, where the target audience resides, while also considering factors such as age, income level, and interests, retailers can maximise their outreach efforts and ensure their mail is falling into the hands of people that are more likely to love their product.

Digital campaigns may not be showing your ROI as much love this year. Research highlights that these are now often at risk of being overlooked amidst the digital noise of the 21st century with more and more consumers unsubscribing from marketing mail. However, direct mail offers a tangible, personalised touch that resonates with recipients on a deeper level, including Gen Z’s, developing a connection between target audiences and products.

Direct mail marketing remains a vital tool for businesses seeking to enhance their ROI, increase their online presence and drive consumer engagement. Through its precise targeting capabilities and its seamless integration with online channels, direct mail continues to deliver tangible results in an increasingly digital landscape.

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