92% of UK companies have suffered a cyber attack in the past 12 months

Most Financial Institutions are unprepared to deal with this growing threat

Data breaches are expensive to fix and can damage brands permanently


UK Annual Breach Cost

3rd party software vulnerability is the initial threat vector in 16% of malicious data breaches, amassing some £3m in costs.


Average Breach Cost per Record

Every piece of printed communication data carries a potential threat, with customer P11 data most affected.


Adopt Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is now commonplace with between 1 and 4 days of remote working per week becoming common.

Keeping cyber security at the top of the corporate agenda

The Cloud Based Platform

Ensure data is backed up and secure by utilising the cloud

The move to remote and hybrid working has accelerated the need to keep ahead of cyber-criminals. Transmitting data in a secure manner is often overlooked, with in-house solutions slow to recover from system failures, ransomware attacks and data corruption. Protago mitigates these issues by offering secure transfer of print data files at a minimal price.

Transferring Data Files Securely is Critical

Hybrid Working is Here to Stay

Don’t leave it too late to protect your process

As a result of the pandemic restrictions, many businesses were forced to adopt to employees working-from-home. Since restrictions have lifted a great deal of employees are continuing to work to a hybrid working model. Because of the speed in which companies had to adapt to remote working, simple risk assessments were overlooked, opening the door for cyber criminals to take advantage.

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Smart data management

What does Protago do?

As one of the UK’s largest independent mail & communication companies, we have a wealth of industry knowledge and services at your disposal. Protago mitigates the risk of a data breach by removing the need to transfer data between departments in order to produce vital physical communication. Our cloud-based system is fully risk assessed and protects the the transfer of files from hackers.

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