Life After Lock-down – what will your Marketing Mix look like?

Life after Lock-down

So, we are all in this together for at least another three weeks. None of us really know what the post lock-down arena will look like, and it will of course vary from sector to sector. However, many companies are using this unprecedented period to plan for the other side by re-thinking how they can reach those customers who have the greatest propensity to spend money on their products and services in a post lock-down world.

During this pandemic, many companies have ceased or paused some of their promotional marketing activities, or at least reduced their tried and tested routes to market. While government ministers are no doubt considering the different options for a lock-down exit strategy, it makes sense that companies should be doing the same.

We don’t know how long social distancing guidelines will remain in force, or indeed how long it will take for us to get back to ‘normal.’ Many business leaders are predicting that working from home will be more prevalent than ever for the foreseeable future, and many are predicting that there will be an upward spike in companies using Direct Mail as a channel to acquire new customers. After all, sending physical mail while potential customers are still in their home makes a lot of sense.

How should your marketing strategy unfold in the coming weeks, and is there a ‘silver bullet’ within your mix to drive immediate revenue?

Direct Mail may well be that silver bullet.