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Can we still afford to send mail? Our industry insights will save you money on your marketing campaigns

Three weeks ago, our industry was given another blow: there will be yet another price increase from Royal Mail, just 9 months after the last. However, this time, that increase in cost is considerable.

It has become widely acknowledged in the industry that incorporating mail into the marketing strategy yields significant impact. Consequently, despite continual Royal Mail price hikes, our clients are still eager to discover methods to lower the expense of their marketing mail while retaining its presence in their overall strategy.

At Citipost Mail, we boast an in-house team of print experts with a collective experience of over a century in the print industry. Specialising in printed communication, our team is always available to provide guidance to our clients on all their inquiries related to their own printed communications. Here are their recommendations for 2024 to support companies in reducing the cost of their marketing mail and yield the best possible ROI:

  • Mail Service Selection: Royal Mail offer a plethora of mail service options. Opting for the Economy 3-5 day service* offers a balance between cost-effectiveness and delivery timeframe. Despite the slightly longer delivery window, the Economy 3-5 day service can be as efficient as the 2-3 day service but at a reduced rate.
  • Pack Format Optimisation: Choose lightweight options (<100g) and consider using letter format (165 x 240mm max) to minimise postage costs. Be aware of format restrictions. For instance, the Economy service may not be suitable for postcards*.  Don’t be afraid to modify your pack. Just because ‘that’s the way it’s always been’ and it is receiving an acceptable response rate, does not mean it can’t be improved. Feel free to experiment and test new ideas against your usual format! Even minor adjustments, when tested, can lead to a notable increase in response rates. You don’t necessarily need to increase your mailing volume, and it doesn’t have to strain your budget. The outcomes might pleasantly surprise you.

* Economy cannot be used for certain formats such as postcards, so consider this when at the concept stage. It may be just as economical to just mail a letter in an outer envelope.


  • Collaboration with Print Providers: Instead of solely focusing on reducing mail costs or volumes, collaborate with print providers to explore alternative solutions when at the print and pack stage of your campaign. This could involve size adjustments, paper weight changes, or exploring different production routes and methods to optimise costs without sacrificing quantity and quality. Citipost Mail’s Print team offer free consultancy on your mail packs so if you are unsure how to best utilise your marketing budget, get in touch with us – we would love to support you in reviewing what you are sending to ensure it is the best value for the outcome you hope to achieve.
  • Utilising Royal Mail Incentives: Take advantage of Royal Mail incentives, such as ‘Test and Innovation’. Royal Mail offers various incentives that can help reduce postal expenses – we have saved our clients over 2 million pounds through the optimisation of these, so if you’re not sure where to start, dive into our latest blog series or contact our team, who would be more than happy to support you.
  • Data Management: Before launching a campaign, conduct a thorough data health check to remove unnecessary records like deceased or outdated addresses from your database. Consider substituting removed records with enhanced ones to improve targeting and ROI.
  • Targeted Audience: Instead of mass mailing, focus on targeting specific audience segments that are more likely to respond to the campaign. It does reduce your mail volume however it ensures your marketing mail maintains its purpose and also increases the effectiveness of the campaign, potentially yielding higher ROI.
  • Campaign Analysis and Adaptation: Continuously analyse campaign responses and adjust strategies accordingly. If the campaign meets expectations, consider repeating it. If not, explore changes in pack format or other elements to improve results.

Citipost Mail’s expert Print team can help you navigate the challenges posed by the recent price increases to postage. Our free pack consultation service can ensure you maintain the effectiveness of your campaign, while potentially uncovering new efficiencies and opportunities for improvement of your marketing mail. Contact the print team today.

Industry Insights