Keep in touch with your friends

Send a letter, drawing, or painting to your friends and family without leaving your home

Simply download the template below, follow the instructions, and we’ll do the rest! You can set up an account by depositing as little as five pounds, and at just 66p per letter you will be sure to not miss anyone out. The only software you need is Word, and you will require a smartphone camera or scanner to capture your masterpiece.

It’s the perfect way for kids to write to their grandparents that they have been separated from, for example.

Furthermore, we will donate 5p* from every letter sent to a NHS Supported Charity. All the more reason to keep in touch.

*applies only to 2-page letters sent using the supplied template

Children love receiving mail

Send to friends in 60 seconds

Let people know you’re thinking of them

After downloading the template, just:

  1. Add the address in the address box.
  2. Paste a scan or photo of your artwork.
  3. Go to and create account
  4. Verify your account by email
  5. Add funds – minimum £5
  6. Drag & drop your masterpiece
  7. Select the print parameters & hit submit

Need help?

Please watch this short tutorial

This short video will take you through the Digi-Mail letter-sending process one step at a time. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

Send to parents & grandparents

Keep in touch in the traditional way

Send something personal

In the current digital age, not many people send personal letters anymore. This means that for many of the younger generation, receiving a letter through the post is a welcome novelty. Additionally, for the older generation receiving a personal letter is a lovely reminder of a simpler time. Sending a letter is a great fun project for the children to do, and a lovely thing for relatives to receive, especially those currently in isolation.


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