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  • Are you a client of Citipost Mail and have a parcel query?
  • Are you expecting a parcel and have a tracking query?

Please contact your Citipost Mail Clients Services Manager and they will be happy to help you.

Citipost Mail regrettably are unable to help with parcel queries directly, but our service provider TPC Ltd. will be able to assist you further, simply visit their web link below and contact them directly.

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TrueTrak is a bespoke tracking solution, created to support e-commerce sellers who face the repetitive daily challenges involved in item delivery.

It can be hard to keep a handle on the late delivery metrics of third party market places. If you are being pushed towards costly postage services or you are purely trying to reduce costs, we are here to help. The added benefit is that you can compete against other online sellers more effectively. TrueTrak provides real time item tracking immediately from collection to handover to your chosen carrier, proving item dispatch to your sales channel and more importantly your customer.

Why use TrueTrak?

As a Citipost Mail product, we also utilise our trusted postage services at extremely competitive prices, providing free dispatch management, label printing software and much more. Giving you peace of mind with Smart Tracking Solutions.