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Our international services for sorted and unsorted mail

At Citipost Mail, we know the world's getting smaller and our clients want to reach their customers, right across the globe. That's why we offer a highly competitive international mail service, using smart mail management to deliver your international direct mail and international business mail wherever it needs to be, worldwide.

We provide pre-sorted and unsorted mail services, using clever sortation technology to route your mail across a variety of trusted postal partners. So, whether you choose priority international mail or economy international mail, we’ll get the best service for you at the best possible price.

Just like in the UK, you’ll get the most competitive rates if you pre-sort your mail, but whatever service you need, we promise you great value.

Pre-sorted international mail works like this
We analyse your needs using our innovative software
We create a unique profile for you
Your pre-sorted international mail is collected
It’s processed and prepared by our team
We pass it to Royal Mail and trusted international delivery partners
Unsorted international mail works like this
Your international unsorted mail is collected
Items are sorted and processed by country and format
We pass it to Royal Mail and trusted international delivery partners
Your mail arrives, right on time
ServiceMachine readable?FormatsDelivery aimDestinationMin volumeMax weight
SortedMachinableLetters (P)
Flats (G)
Packets (E) **
(3-5days EU/5-8days ROW)§
(4-9days EU/7-12days ROW)§
Worldwide2000P - 100g
G - 500g
E - 2000g
UnsortedMachinable ManualLetters (P)
Flats (G)
Packets (E) **
Priority †
(3-5days EU/5-8days ROW)§
Standard †
(4-9days EU/7-12days ROW)§
Worldwide2000*P - 100g
G - 500g
E - 2000g
Max weightMin lengthMax lengthMin heightMax heightMax thickness
Max weightMin lengthMax lengthMin heightMax heightMax thickness
Max weightMin lengthMax lengthMin heightMax heightMax thickness
2000gLength plus depth plus width not larger than 900mm. No single side longer than 600mm.

What you need to know

  • *We can collect smaller volumes of international mail as long as the whole collection meets relevant service minimums. Please ask your account manager for more information.
  • **We also offer tracked services and use our sister company, 13ten, to deliver packets overseas.
  • We may be able to offer registered international mail services on your letters and flats. Please talk to your account manager to find out more.
  • †One additional day should be added to the delivery timescales for both sorted and unsorted mail to allow time for Citipost Mail to sort the items before handover to international partners for final delivery within the timescales quoted.
  • §Working days

Why use Citipost Mail?

Competitive pricing
Our experienced team will find the most competitive tariff for your business. That means understanding your brand and your international mailing requirements, so we can deliver exactly what you need at a great price.
Industry-leading international routing software
We've got the best international optimal routing software in the industry, which creates bespoke mailing profiles and plans that meet your needs at highly competitive prices.
Dedicated account managers
We give each Citipost Mail customer a dedicated account manager. They're on hand to look after every aspect of your mailing services, from booking to delivery, with plenty of expert advice and support.
Proactive approach
We take a proactive approach to our partnership with you, constantly analysing your tariff to make sure it’s still the best value, as well as pursuing and resolving any issues on your behalf.
Flexible collections
We're here to make your life easier, so it's really quick and simple to arrange your mail collections for a time that suits your business.
In-country mail scanning
COMING SOON. Working with our trusted international delivery partners and couriers, we will soon make it possible for you to see in-country scans, so you know your mail's on track for delivery.

Need some help?

If you've got any questions about working with us, you'll find lots of answers on our FAQs page. Alternatively, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.