Can we help you?
  • Are you a client of Citipost Mail and have a parcel query?
  • Are you expecting a parcel and have a tracking query?

Please contact your Citipost Mail Clients Services Manager and they will be happy to help you.

Citipost Mail regrettably are unable to help with parcel queries directly, but our service provider TPC Ltd. will be able to assist you further, simply visit their web link below and contact them directly.


Hassle-free sorting, perfect if you don't have the volume to pre-sort your letters.

Smart mail solutions designed for bulk mailers who pre-sort their letters.

A clever, competitive international mail service that reaches your customers worldwide.

A hybrid mail solution which has been designed to provide a cost effective and time saving solution for your mail.

Smart messaging solutions to compliment and support your marketing activity.

A bespoke tracking solution, created to support e-commerce sellers who face the repetitive daily challenges involved in item delivery.

Unsorted mail

If you don't have the volume to pre-sort your letters and large letters, leave it to us. At Citipost Mail our state-of-the-art equipment sorts machinable letters incredibly quickly and accurately, while our efficient hand-sort mailing services expertly handle more complex or non-machinable items. So, whatever it is you're posting, we can sort it all out for you.

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Sorted mail

If you regularly send and pre-sort your own bulk mail or direct mail, you can take advantage of our smart sorted mail services. We use clever sortation technology to sort your mail in the most efficient, cost-effective way, delivering an exceptional service across the UK at a great price. With a whole range of service options, you can choose the one that suits your business and even benefit from bulk mail discounts too.

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Citipost Global

When you want to reach customers right across the globe, our international mail service gives you the smart routing and competitive pricing you need. Citipost Global can offer excellent services through working with trusted international partners worldwide to provide you incredible reliability at impressive rates.

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Digi-Mail allows you to manage and send communications to your customers at the click of a button. This ease of use cloud based system, is perfect for all letters, large letters and postcards leaving your business. Whether you have one or multiple business locations we can give you confidence in the quality of your outgoing mail whilst being extremely cost effective, with an average saving of 50%.

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Citipost SMS

Citipost SMS is a great way to compliment and support your marketing activity. Whether you're looking to increase customer acquisition, keep an existing customer informed of new products and services or just want to drive customers to your website. With a click through rate of 45% and a 98% open and read rate, what better way than by using Citipost SMS - a smart messaging solution!

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Are you an e-commerce seller? Do you need proof of dispatch for items sold through a third party market place but don't want to pay the high price of a fully tracked solution? Using our ground breaking software solution, TrueTrak can offer you this service and more at extremely competitive prices.

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