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How Pure Data can enhance Partially Addressed Mail

Physical mail continues to be a powerful communication tool for businesses looking to stay in contact with their existing customers, as well as reach out to potential new ones. After all, tangible mail is much harder to ignore than digital alternatives! There are a range of mail type options available to suit all budgets and requirements, including partially addressed mail…

What is partially addressed mail?

Partially addressed mail (PAM for short) sits between direct mail, and door-drops (such as leaflet distribution). Direct mail requires full address details and is based on targeted data or client lists, whereas door-drops only need a postcode sector and is used for high volumes where limited targeting is required. PAM is an effective strategy that merges the low-cost benefits of larger quantities from door-drops, with the specific targeting benefits of direct mail; making it a smart and cost-effective method of expanding a customer base.

Here at Citipost Mail we have blogged about PAM before, but since our last instalment the stats have only improved showing that it is still proving itself as an effective marketing method. Statistics reported between 2017 and 2020 showed a high engagement rate of 91% with customers looking at a single piece of mail 4 times on average. It was also reported that 28% of partially addressed mail plays a direct part in driving commercial actions. *

How to use PAM effectively –

There are two key techniques for using postcode data including; ‘Topping up’ – this is where you target postcodes where you already have plenty of existing customers, and ‘lookalikes’ – this method involves targeting postcode areas that include prospects that look like your existing customers. It is widely recommended that using a blend of both techniques would lead to a wider, high-quality coverage resulting in a successful campaign.

Whilst PAM doesn’t allow for names and full addresses, there are other ways to add a personal touch by adding greetings that are related to the content as a way to draw in interest; for example, a book store might address their recipient as ‘Dear Book Lover’ or a holiday company might use ‘Dear Sun-Seeker’ – This added touch just might boost your response rate!

How Pure Data can enhance PAM –

Typically, lookalike data has been drawn up using geo-demographic data products to select the streets to target… However, Citipost Mail’s Pure Data service can deliver much more effective targeting by using actual insight to find streets where there is a much higher concentration of individuals that look like your existing customers across key insights such as financial status, home ownership, age, interests, and affluence to name but a few. With this data-driven approach and a reduced postage cost over traditional direct mail, you have a highly targeted media option that can acquire new customers at scale.


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To find out more about Pure Data for partially addressed mail, take a look at our fact-sheet HERE



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